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#Imagine Niall is your best friend and that's why you are great friends with all of the other boys from One Direction. You've known Niall for about an year already, you met at Nando's. Together you've been through thick and thin, everything. He's always there for you and you are there for him. You broke up with your ex about 3 months ago and after that you and Niall have just became closer. He was with you every single minute of a day, he took care of you. If you needed to cry you cried on his shoulder. If you needed to talk you talked to him and he was listening. He heard every word you said and really cared. That's when this all started. You have had a little crush on him for all this time after you broke up. But you're not going to ruin your friendship by telling him, or that's what you think. The thing is: you don't know that he has a huge crush on you too. Actually, no-one knows. You haven't been talking that much for the past month because he's been away and you've had to do so much schoolwork. You miss all of the boys so much. Good thing is that they're coming back home tomorrow! Even though you miss them very much you're not going to the airport to see them because you just don't feel like being in the middle of the all of the attention. Suddenly your phone vibrates, you get text from Zayn. "Hi Y/N, are you coming to the airport tomorrow? We just would like to know cuz we miss you loads! x" You're a bit disappointed because it wasn't from Niall, but still it said that they all miss you so it's okay. "Noo.. I'm sorry. Can we meet later somewhere, all of us? x" You text back. You have no idea what you're going to say if he asks why not. "Ok then, it's okay.. but yeah of course we can! Do you want us to come to your place? x" Zayn answers. You hope they didn't get mad because you're not going to the airport. "Yeah, that'd be nice. I'll order pizza for us if some of you texts me when you're landed" You text him and put your phone away. You decide to clean little and then go to bed because you kinda know that next day will be a long one.

Next morning you wake up at 11am. You slept over 10 hours last night and you're feeling good. "This is going to be a wonderful day" You say to yourself and walk downstairs. Sun is shining and it's warm, a nice spring weather. Only thing you'd like to know is when the boys are back. At the same time the boys are sitting on a plane. Louis, Harry and Liam at 3rd row and Niall and Zayn at 7th. They're sitting so far away because someone messed up with their seats, but that's good actually, now Niall and Zayn can talk without anyone else to hear. Niall has decided to tell Zayn about his crush on you.
"Oh gosh what am I going to say.. I really need to tell Zayn about my crush towards Y/N, but how?" Niall thinks. Then he opens his mouth: "Umm Zayn..?" "Yeah Niall?" Zayn answers. "I was just wondering.. Do you have a crush on anybody right now?" Niall continues. Zayn looks at him and thinks a while. "Noo, I don't think so.. Do you?" "Yeah.. Or well, while we've been away from home I think I'm in love with her" Niall says with a smile on his face. Zayn smiles too. "That's great! Do I know that girl?" "I think so.. She's the most amazing girl I've ever met.. Her hair, eyes, voice, everything. I love it how I can talk to her about everything. I love it how she tells me everything.. I've been missing her so much and I can't wait to see her tonight" Niall tells. After a few seconds he realizes what he just told Zayn. Zayn is just grinning next to him. "Waaaaaaait blondie, are you talking about Y/N? You have a crush on Y/N!?" Now Niall's cheeks are red and he's just smiling there and Zayn understands that he got it right. A big smile appears to his face because Zayn if someone knows that you two would be perfect together. "Do you know if I have any chances to get her?" Niall asks him shyly. "Heck yeah you do!" Zayn answers laughing. "I mean, can't you see it? You two are best friends and obviously more than that! You two are closer than Harry and Louis!" "I quess so then.." Niall says and start smiling again. "I really can't wait to see her again, it's been so long." "You need to tell her tonight, I want you to be a couple as soon as possible, end of discussion, you'll tell her tonight" Zayn tells Niall, and that makes Niall quiet. "I don't know how... What if she doesn't feel the same.. What if I ruin everything.. Zayn can you tell her" Niall panics. "1. You will find a way. 2. She feels the same way, I know it. 3. You will not ruin anything, it will just make your heart finally complete and 4. I'm not telling her, you are." Zayn says determinedly leaving Niall speechless. "Fine." Niall says and acts mad, but he bursts into laughter in seconds. The clock is coming closer to 4pm and the boys' flight is about to land. You're trying to find a great movie for the night. You've looked every place in your house without finding anything. That's why you decide to text Zayn to tell that they have to bring a movie with them when they come, but at the same moment as you take your phone out of your pocket it vibrates. You got a text, from Liam this time. "Zayn told me to tell you when we're landed so here we are, finally! He also told me to tell you that we're there in 1 hour xx Love you!" You get a smile on your face, you're going to see them in one hour! "Thanksyouuu Liam xx Btw, could you pretty please bring a movie with you because I have nothing to watch cc:" You text back. "Ok lovely, we'll bring something xx" Liam tells. You go upstairs and change your clothes. You decide to wear blue jeans, a black top and white t-shirt. Your hair is nicely down and you have your heart earrings on. It's time to order some pizza before the boys come. You order 4 large pizzas because you know Niall will eat a lot, and well, they're boys so you need to have much food. Clock is around 5.30pm and you know the boys will be there anytime, and that's when the doorbell rings.. It actually doesn't matter because in 1 second they are inside your house with pizzas you ordered. "GUYS! Did you pay?" You laugh at them. "Of course sweety" Louis says and comes to hug you. Next person who hugs you is Liam. "I missed you so much" He whispers to your ear. Then you see Harry running towards you and he's just shouting your name. You almost fall over because he just jumps on you. He kisses your head and then lets you go and runs away. "Wow, what's wrong with him?" You say and start laughing. You see Zayn and Niall standing next to each other and you can hear them whispering. "Zayn! Niall! Nice to see you too!" You shout at them and grin a little. Zayn pushes Niall towards youu and he blushes a little. By that you start smiling and your hands get sweaty. "Hi Niall, I missed you so much" You say and hug him tight, tighter than the others. He gently rubs your back. "I've missed you too Y/N, but who would miss you?" "Let me tell you... Zayn obviously" You say a bit louder so Zayn can hear. He comes behind Niall and smiles sweetly. "Niall, can I hug her too to show I've missed her?" Zayn says and winks. You really don't know why he winked but whatever. "Well okay Zayn" Niall laughs and let's you go. Zayn hugs you and you smile at him. You are all very happy to see each other again. You have so many things to talk about.

As the afternoon goes by and nighttime comes closer you start watching the movie boys bought. It's a horror movie called Eden Lake. There's only one sofa in your house so some of yous need to sit or lay on the floor or take a chair. Niall is already sitting on sofa so you sit next to him, you got the best place to be already. There's one place left on the sofa. At first you think no-one's going to take it but then suddenly Harry jumps on it and Louis sits on his lap. Liam and Zayn sits on the floor and you start watching the movie. Usually you don't get scared while watching horror movies, but this movie is different. Before you know you're tightly in Niall's arms and he's telling you it's ok. You notice that Zayn and Niall are switching looks, something's going on. You give Niall an questionable look but he ignores it. You're leaning on his shoulder and he has his arms around you. The other boys are looking at you weirdly all the time. After the movie ends they leave you two alone to your livingroom. You hear the others going to upstairs. Because you're alone with Niall you start to blush a little. You lean away from his shoulder to calm yourself down before looking at him. "So Y/N... How have you been?" He asks shyly. "Fine.. Been quite busy with school stuff and missed you loads" You answer, still not looking at him. "How about you" "I've been great, though, missed you very much, but it's been amazing to tour around america, meet new fans and stuff." Niall tells. "Btw, Y/N, I'm sorry for not calling or texting you that much, I hope you didn't thing we forgot you, because honestly we didn't" He continues and blushes a little. You look at him with a smile on your face and butterflies flying around your stomach. You really want to tell how you feel, but just no.. Suddenly Niall comes closer to you.. Someone closes the lights and you see candles all over you, you have no idea how they came there because you didn't hear anyone coming down to set them. You're looking Niall in the eyes when he starts talking: "Y/N, I know we're best friends but I wanna be more. I'm in love with you. Every time I talk to you I get butterflies and I feel like the words are not coming out anymore. You're the most amazing person I've ever met, and I want to show to the world how much you mean to me, so Y/N, would you please be my girlfriend?" Your eyes gets teary. You wouldn't EVER believe this. You put your other hand behind Niall's neck and kiss him sweetly on lips. "I love you too Niall" You whisper as he lays you down to the sofa. He kisses you deeply as the other boys starts singing Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns To Rock. You spend an amazing night together and next day you see a pic of you and Niall kissing on twitter, posted by Harry. Everyone thinks you are perfect for each other.

Feedback? This is not that good but whatever, there might be a lot of typos and grammar mistakes because I'm too tired to read it again and English isn't my main language :DD

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