Louis Imagine (a bit Larry Stylinson related)

#Imagine You're playing hide and seek with Louis. You've been searching for him for about 30 minutes alread but you can't find him. There's only one place where he can be and it's far, or well, not that far away from your home: Harry's place. You decide just to watch some TV before going to Harry's; if Louis don't come back. This is your and Louis' version of hide and seek. When he's hiding he usually goes to Harry's place and then you see which one of you gives up first. In your game giving up means that the one who "gives up" comes back home (or you go to Harry's place to find Louis) because that person can't be without the other any longer. You sit down and open the TV. "Nahh, noo, ew, not a good song, shitty movie, nope, news..." You don't find anything to watch so you order pizza. "Bwahhahahaa Louis doesn't know what he's missing" You laugh.

It's been about 2 hours already. "Louiiiiiis, please come back" You think but you're not going to give up, not yet. You know that Louis and Harry are having fun together, talking 'bout things and stuff and what you are doing? Nothing. You're getting really bored without Louis. He's your everything: when you're upset he makes you laugh. When you need to talk he's always there to listen. What ever happens he's always there for you, only for you. You can really trust him. He's funny, sweet and because of him you have 4 caring brothers more. After your deep thinking sesh you have to see Louis. You want to kiss him passionately and tell him how much you love him. You put on your shoes and coat. You find your keys and lock the door after you. The weather is wonderful, a bit cold, not too cold and sun is shining. You put your headphones on and start walking to Harry's. On your way you think about everything. So many girls would kill to be you! You're so happy and you can't stop smiling. Now you're in front of the right house. You just walk in and shout: "I give up! Louis give me a kiss!" He runs to you as fast as he's able. Before you know he's standing in front of you. "So you want me to kiss you, what about Harry, he'll get hurt" Louis says grinning mischievously. "Oh, you were having a Larry Stylinson quality time?" You say and act upset. Harry runs behind Louis' back. "What is she doing here? Did she give up? WHY Y/N!?!? I want to continue our little Larry Stylinson moment" Harry says while looking you up and down. Of course he's joking, like all of you. "Okay then. I quess I'm going" You turn around and sob a little. "Okay, okay, okay, okay baby you won! Don't go" Louis says quickly and hugs you from behind. You kiss his cheek. "I like that reaction" You smile. You two say bye to Harry and then walk home.

Louis opens the door and you take off your coat and shoes, so does he. Suddenly he takes you from the ground and carries you upstairs. You're both laying in your bed. Louis' arms are around you and your head is on his chest. "Louis.." You whisper. "Yeah Y/N, is everything alright?" He asks and strokes your hair. "Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that I love you soo very much and I don't ever wanna lose you" You say smiling widely. "Aww baby, you're so sweet. I love you so, so much too, I don't know where I'd be without you" Louis tells and his eyes gets wet. "...but I just wanna know.. Why me?" You say. Louis looks at you like never seen a human before "And why in hell my pretty baby is asking things like that?" "Well, I just thought about it.. I really feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I have you. Louis, I love you so much, don't you ever forget that. Sometimes it's so hard to realize that this really is true" You say and blush a little. "Oh baby, this is one of the reasons I love you, you're so honest and true. Aand for you to know, I don't really know why you, it just happened, but I'm sure that I'm not letting you go" He says and kisses you softly on lips. You two talk for few hours and then you just fall asleep while he's singing the most beautiful lovesong you've ever heard, Only For You, For LOUIS' Beautiful Girlfriend.

Okay, sorry this is not that long. Please tell me what you think. And I say this again, English is not my main language, so there might be a few things written wrong etc

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