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#Imagine You are at a night club with your boyfriend Liam & the rest of One Direction because it's friday. The clock is coming closer to 3am and the other boys are really drunk. The club ís kind of their own but it's full of people you haven't even seen before. You're having so much fun there by talking and getting to know people you don't know yet, dancing and well, taking care of boys with Liam. You don't drink because Liam doesn't and you don't want him to watch after the boys alone. Especially Louis and Harry are getting really wild. Zayn is still quite shy and not talking to people, but he's dancing, very awkwardly.. You have no idea where Niall is at the moment so you decide that Liam can take care of him. Then you see both of them; Niall and Liam standing next to a table. Liam is trying to get Niall to sit down for a while but he just wants to dance his irish dance. "Like I said" You laugh and start watching Harry and Louis dancing sexily on a table. "Don't.... HAHAHHHAH.... Even.... HEHEHEHEHHE... Care.... HIHIHIIHIHIHIHIH.... About.... HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHA... The.... HOHOHOOHOHOHOH.... TABLE BREAKING.... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" They're trying to sing with no sucession. "You only wanna have a laugh..obviously" You shout back and then the table breaks. "YEAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" Louis and Harry laughs after a few minutes of silence. They're rolling on the floor and laughing like little kids and of course you need to take the broken table away and clean. Liam leaves Niall alone with just himself. "It seems like we're the only clear people here" He says and helps you to clean. "You think so?" You say and show your wonderful smile to him. After cleaning the pieces of that broken table you two sit down and drink some coke.

After just sitting down and talking with Liam he asks you to come dancing. "Liam you know we need to look after the boys, especially Larry" You say laughing and looking around. "Where's Niall btw?" You continue. Liam looks around too and after a while he sees Niall sitting under a table talking to something. "Oh, don't worry 'bout him, he's having fun with..himself I think" He says and gives you a weird look. "Please come with me, we'll see the boys while we're dancing" He begs. You think a little moment, give him a little kiss and get up as a yes. You love to dance with Liam because you don't have to think how stupid you look, you can just let go and forget everything. Suddenly he stops dancing and laughs a little. "Babe I'll be back in a little moment, I think Harry and Louis needs help" He says and starts walking away. You turn around and see Harry sitting on Louis' shoulders. "Oh this won't end-" You was about to say when Harry drops to the floor before Liam get's there. Louis of course laughs like crazy and after a little shock Harry laughs too. Liam needs to check if he's really okay so it takes some time to him to come back. Right after that someone taps your shoulder and you turn around. You see a beautiful boy with green and blue mixed eyes and a short brown hair with lighter highlights. He's taller than you and very muscular. "Is it you Y/N?" He says with a wonderful, familiar smile on his face. Now you think you recognize him. You two were best friends when you were little, you had your "first kiss" with him and you were hopelessly in love with him to the moment you saw Liam for the first time a couple of years ago. "Oh my god, Nick! I can't believe you're here!" You say while hugging him with tears in your eyes. You haven't seen each other in 3 years because he moved away and the last time you talked was about 5 years ago because he changed. Millions of thoughts are running around your head. "You're still so little Y/N" He says. You try to move but he doesn't let you go. "Yeah..haha" You fake a little laugh. You notice that he's drunk, so you think it's better to go to somewhere else. After 5 minutes of hugging he lets you go and you take him to a peaceful corridor where you can talk without people watching and listening -or seeing you. "So, how are you these days?" You ask. "Umm.. I'm okay, moved back a few weeks ago" He answers while not looking at you in the eyes... "Okay then.." You say while looking back to the dancefloor to see if Liam is there but he's not. After a while Nick breaks the silence: "You're quite damn hot u know?" You start to feel uncomfortable with him, so you don't answer and suggest to go dancing together. You are about to walk towards the dancefloor but suddenly Nick grabs your waist and presses you against the wall and starts kissing your neck. "I said you're hot.." He says. "No.. Nick I have boyfriend" You squeal but he doesn't care. "You can have two" He says and puts his hand under your shirt. "No!" You shout while tears are streaming down your face. He shuts you up with a long kiss. You try to get away but he's too strong. Now Nick's trying to take your shirt off. You can't do anything, your body's numb. "Y/N! What's happening in here!?" You hear Liam shouting and he pushes Nick away from you. He tells Zayn to walk you home because he's not that drunk anymore. You are able to see people staring at you. Zayn grabs your hand and pulls you close to his body. You cry hysterically all the way home and when you get there you ask Zayn to stay with you until Liam comes.

It's already 7 in the morning when Liam comes home. Zayn is still there with you and you haven't slept at all. You run into Liam's arms and start to cry again. He carefully pics you up and carries to your bed. "Love, I need to talk with Zayn for a few minutes, ok?" He asks and kisses your forehead. You just nod and bury yourself under the blanket. Time goes by as you can hear Liam and Zayn talking about something but you don't know what. Then you hear Zayn saying "Okay, night. Take care of her" and walking out the door. Liam sighs loudly and comes to your room. He removes his shirt and lays next to you. "Hey, babe. Are you okay..?" He asks worried. You sit up and start to cry, again. You're just so shocked about what happened. Liam sits next to you and takes you in his arms. "I'm so sorry Y/N for not being there.. I wish I could do something but I relly can't" He says sobbing. You look at him and say: "No.... You don't have to say you're sorry" He takes your face in his hands, slowly strokes your cheek and kisses you on the lips: "But I still am." You feel a tear flowing down his face to yours. "Don't cry Liam, it wasn't your fault and I'm ok.." You say and hug him. You two lay down ready go to sleep even though the clock is already quarter to 8 AM. "You need to rest babygirl" Liam suggests. You put your head on his bare chest and he has his arms around you. "Goodnight Y/N. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I don't wanna ever lose you. I promise to take better care of you in the future, I'm not going to let anyone hurt you.." Liam says. You stroke his arm and slowly fall asleep thinking what would you do or where would you be without him<3

Feedback is very welcome as always xx Remember still that English isn't my main language, so I might spell something wrong and stuff (: 

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