Harry Imagine

It's 3am and you can't sleep. Mostly because you're missing your boyfriend Harry like crazy. And this night is not the first one, but maybe the worst you've had already. Nothing's been alright since he went on tour with the rest of One Direction. This is the first time he's away for a long time while you're together. "3 months has gone too slow..." You whisper, "Still 1 left, luckily". You get up and make yourself coffee, which surely helps you to fall asleep. While drinking it you start to think about how you met Harry. "The story of my succession" You smile while your eyes gets teary. You start to sing Here Without You by 3 Doors Down while remembering that day which changed your life...

'It's a beautiful, warm day in sunny London where you're gonna spend the whole summer. You are really, really exited. Today it's gonna happen, you'll meet One Direction for the first time in your life. Your plan is to mesmerise their, well, Harry's heart with just being the beautiful you. You're standing in front of the mirror, looking at yourself. You're wearing good looking, but comfortable clothes to wear; beige jeans & black shirt with neon green, blue and pink stripes in it. You have your converse bag on your shoulder and red shoes on your feet. You take the last deep breath and step outside. You put your sunglasses on the top of your head and look around while sun beautifully tickles your skin. "Now, where I have to go?" You ask yourself while frowing your eyebrows. "Look right, look left and now we go" You say and start walking. You decide just to walk around London until you see the place where One Direction's going to be. Actually, you don't really know are you going to the right direction, it just feels right. After walking an hour or two you see lots and lots and lots of people outside a huge building. "Oh, I must be in the right place" You say with a proud grin on your face while getting even more exited. You run behind that huge group of screaming girls, and without thinking you start to make your way to in front of them all. Finally! You've gone through hundreds of girls. You lean on a weak rail while breathing nerviously. One day ago you didn't even believe that you're doing this; meeting them. And now you're standind right in front of the place where One Direction will be signing stuff. You feel like you're freaking out; you're so happy and exited but the people behing you are pushing you against the weak rail and suddenly you start feeling really sick. There it goes, you throw up and then everything's blurry...

The next thing you remember is waking up on a hospital bed with a lot of people around you. There are nurses, doctors and some people you don't know. Wait. "Did I hit my head while I ...passed out... I quess?" You ask. "No, I mean, I don't know" Someone says, "I think you didn't. We... I just saw you passing out in front of all the people" the voice continues. You try to open your eyes even more and now you see them. "Oh my gosh!" You think while looking around one more time. One Direction is sitting next to your hospital bed. The voice which just spoke to you were Harry's. You lay there without saying a word, just looking at them like a fool. You hear that Niall's about to laugh, but Harry hit's him so he stays quiet. "So I passed out" You say like they don't know yet. All the boys nods at the same time. "And how did you see I passed out? I mean you weren't even there" You continue. The boys are looking at Harry who starts to blush. Then he opens his mouth: "Well.. We were inside that building, and... I was looking at you. You looked so exited and beautiful and I thought that 'I need to meet her!' and then you threw up and passed out." "Harry started to scream like crazy!" Lou says and Harry blushes even more. "Shut up you idiot, I didn't scream. I was just worried about her... Wait! I don't even know your name!" Harry says quickly. You giggle a little and tell him your name. The other boys -except Zayn who is deeply in his own world- are looking first at you and then at Harry who's smiling widely. Then Liam opens his mouth and breaks the silence saying: "So umm.. I don't wanna be rude, but if you are okay do you mind if we leave now? We need to go back to that signing." You feel a bit disappointed and sad but you say that "It's okay." Harry's still watching Liam with his mouth open. Then he looks at you sadly and sighs. "This may sound a bit weird, but can I get your number and twitter... So I can ask you how you feel?" He says while looking down. You take a little piece of paper and write your twitter name & number down and hand it to him. He smiles at you and kisses your hand which mades you feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Later that day you leave the hospital and go back to your apartment. You eat a little and then open your laptop. First you log in to twitter and you see that a bunch of new people is following you; including all of the boys. You check your mentions, there's a couple of people hating on you & congratulating you 'cause the boys followed you. Then you check your DM's and there it is. A message from Harry. "Hey Y/N. Like I said I wanted to know how you feel, so how you feel?" You giggle for his clumsy message but still you are extremely happy. Harry freaking Styles DM'ed you!! You talked to him. One Direction took you to the Hospital when you passed out. You are fangirling so hard that you almost forget to answer. "Hey Harry. I'm just fine. I don't know where would I be without you x" You smile a little and then send the message. After a rough and totally amazing day you go to sleep.'

That all happened about 6 months ago and you're still in London. Shortly, a few weeks later Harry asked you out. You had a great time at your favorite restaurant and then you two walked down the streets of London at moonlight while talking about everything. After all he kissed you romantically at your porch, said "Goodnight, beautiful" and went home smiling widely. The perfect first date. In 1 month you were officially a couple. So now you are Harry's girlfriend, best friends with the boys, and a great friend of Danielle & Eleanor. Suddenly you don't want to drink coffee anymore, but you don't want to sleep either. "This is going to be a boring night" You say and stand up thinking what to do. You know you should sleep but because of coffee and your feelings you just can't. You are kinda addicted to your boyfriend Harry, but you can be alone too. Or you thought you could be. For a few weeks to one month yeah, but for 4 months!? Never. Luckily there's just one month left and then you are allowed to spend more time with Harry that you can even imagine. Smile appears to your face again but you're bored to death so you decide to try to sleep. You are still sad, but remembering how you met Harry makes you always a bit happier. You don't even realise how lucky you are. So many girls would kill just to be you. You lay down and close your eyes. You start to fall asleep when suddenly you hear this weird but quiet slam. "I forgot to lock the backdoor!" You whisper frightenedly at the same time as you quickly leap up. You are scared as hell; Harry's in the US and someone else's in your house with you. You don't know what to do. You are breathing faster than ever, adrenaline is running in your vains and you're panicing. You hear unknown steps, they're coming closer. You are just sitting on your and Harry's bed while the person's coming closer. Suddenly you just jump under the blankets, praying that the person doesn't find you. With tightly closed eyes you lay there, weakly, quietly breathing. You have no idea how long you've been there. You are too scared to open your eyes, but you can't stay there forever either. After a few minutes of thinking, you decide to open your eyes -you are still under the blankets. Then starts to happen. Someone sits down to your bed and you close your eyes. You are trembling and you've been under the blankets for a long time so it starts to be hard to breath. Still you don't know what time it is. Only thing you wish right now is Harry to come home, and the person sitting next to where you are to go away without noticing you. You feel that someone tries to take the blankets off. You murmur something and the person starts to giggle. Then you realise it. "HARRY!" You shout and start to cry. He laughs at you while holding you in his arms. He strokes your hair while you just cry. You were so scared and it was only Harry. Luckily it was only Harry! There's just a couple of things you really don't understand, so you ask him: "But Harry, how you are here? You should be in the US! And why did you just sneak in? I was scared to death! Seriously Harry, don't laugh! I almost got an heartattack! This is not funny, Harold. I'm getting mad if you see..." Harry just laughs at you while you try to look mad and wait for an answer. After 15 minutes of laughing he gets serious and answers: "I just couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to come home and see your beautiful face. I've been feeling lonely for 3 months already. Nothing seems to be right when you're not close to me. I don't wanna ever, ever again be away for that long. I'm so sorry if you've been feeling lonely too, but now I change it. It's just us for a month." "But what about the boys and directioners? What about the tour?" You ask while smiling widely with tears in your eyes. "Yeah, that... The management actually doesn't even know I left, so I assume that they are calling me right when I open my phone. I hope that boys can make through the rest of the tour without me and well, I quess that directioners are not going to like this, but I don't really care, not anymore. You're the only thing I need" He says and lifts your chin up. You see his beautiful green eyes staring at you, gorgeous brown curls calling for you to touch them and soft lips waiting for you to kiss them..<3

Don't judge me if I spelled something wrong, English is not my main language xx Comments are very welcome!

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