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#Imagine Today it's been equally one year since you and Louis from One Direction broke up. It all happened very quickly. You were so happy together and suddenly he was kissing another girl, and after all you still have feelings for him but you don't wanna admit it even to yourself. You've seen him only once or twice after your break up because seeing him makes you wanna scream and shout, smile and cry, love him and hate him and the most of all, kiss him. You went for a walk, but right now you're sitting outside in some stupid park because you have nothing else to do. You don't have a boyfriend and you're dreaming about your ex. "What a wonderful life" You think out loud. Some little kid with a brown hair looks at you, he reminds you about Louis. "Of course I'm just thinking of him at our 1 year ...break up anniversary?" You continue thinking and get up. It's kinda sad that you had an amazing relationship with maybe the most amazing boy you know and it only lasted for half an year, but what you can do? He kissed someone else and you couldn't take it. You don't wanna go home yet because you have so much more things to think, so you continue your little walk.

"I actually don't even know why we didn't talk about that kiss.. I can't stop blaming myself! What if I wouldn't left.. We'd still be together? No, I can't do this to myself, why do I keep thinking about him and NO I don't have feelings for him anymore...I think... But how happy would we be? This is better for me, I swear" You think. It was that one chilly summer night. You were at Louis and Harry's houseparty. The whole One Direction was there and there were Harry's and Louis' friends too, boys and girls who you didn't know. At first you had quite fun time hanging with the 1D boys, especially with Zayn because he didn't want to dance either. Harry and Louis were busy with talking to their friends. Out of One Direction Zayn was the closest to you, after Louis of course. While you two were talking, Louis was dancing with some people, including some of his and Harry's slutty looking friends. It looked like they didn't even have clothes on. "Those bitches.." You mumbled jealously to Zayn and he just laughed. "Don't be scared Y/N, he really loves-" Zayn was saying but something stole his attention. You turned your head, and when you looked at the same direction as Zayn you saw Louis kissing one the "slutty girls". You felt tears streaming down your face and you were frozen. As soon as Louis realized that you were looking he stopped. He ran right to you and tried to take your hand but you were already moving. You were lost in a really familiar house and you couldn't think anything. Somehow you got outside and started running. You ran as fast as you were able to imagine. Five minutes later Louis was outside too but you were far away, almost home. When you got there you stormed to your bathroom. You looked like a mess; you had mascara all over your face, you were sweating, you were crying like you were never cried before and most of all your hair was a pure mess. You collapsed on the floor and texted Zayn: "WHAT IS THIS ZAYN, TELL ME! YOU SAID I DON'T HAVE TO BE SCARED!" You already knew that the party was over because of what happened and the boys were somewhere together, maybe coming to your house. "It's over, don't you even dare to talk to me" You texted Louis and turned your phone off. You tried to get up but you felt so dizzy so you decided to crawl to your room and wish for this nightmare to end... After that day and night there were no Y/N and Louis. Of course Louis tried to explain everything during the next few days and Zayn tried to call to you but you didn't want to listen to them or talk to them, especially to Louis. All you wanted to do was forget everything you and Louis had. You wanted to die... Then the first time you saw Louis again was 3 months after everything when you were somewhere in London. He was with Harry and they said Hi to you but you didn't respond. Second time was when you went to their backstage after one of their concerts in London because you wanted to see the other boys and talk to them. You've been talking with Zayn a couple of times besides that London thing. He's still a good friend of yours but you don't see him that often. He once said that Louis regrets everything he did and misses you so much but you didn't care, because you still tried to forget everything, including your feelings. And here you are now. One hard year has gone by so slowly and you're missing everything you had with Louis and the boys. Now you're standing right in front of your house, ready to go inside and take a shower.

You drop your towel on the floor when you come to your room after a long shower. You put on your favorite t-shirt, which Louis gave to you and shorts. "So much beautiful memories.." You sigh and walk downstairs. Your phone vibrates as you  get a text message from Zayn, "Hey Y/N, what r u doing tonight?" You read out loud. "What the heck Zayn.. Why is he texting to me.." You think but answer "Nothing.. about to go to bed soon." You wait for 10 minutes but he doesn't answer "He's probably laughing at me because I'm going to bed at 9 PM at friday" You say and decide to go to bed. The clock is ticking and you can't sleep. It's almost 11pm. You still remember that you saw Louis kissing that bitch at 11.07PM. You wanna be asleep till that. You start to fall asleep sooner than you think, but then something wakes you up. Someone's singing outside..

"Look me in the eyes, I tell you I love you.
Hold on tight, and show me what you care about.
I need nobody else when I’m with you.
But now when you’re away, I miss you.

Tell me how to win your heart without crying.
Tell me what I gotta do if you come back.
‘Cause I know what I did,
And yeah I know that you’ve suffered;
I’m the one to blame.
Without you nothing is the same..

I saw your tear-filled eyes when you saw me kissing.
I didn’t believe it before you ran away.
You know this hurts, and only you can save me.

What you’re gonna do? I wish I knew..."

 It sounds like... LOUIS. You grab your phone and look at the clock: 11.07PM. Now you know why Zayn asked what are you doing. You run downstairs and then outside. A part of you wants to kiss him and take him back right away, but a part of you wants to punch him right in the face and tell him to 'fuck off'. Instead of those you say: "L-l-louis.. Wh-what are you doing here..?" You are shaking. He looks at you with tears in his eyes. "Y/N... It's been one year since I was an total idiot for the very first time with you. I don't know what really happened.. I think it was.." You cut him off: "I don't wanna know what happened, I know what I saw and that's enough... What you're doing here?" "I'm sorry. I need you more than anything. This year has been so tough for me.. I wanted to call you, but I didn't wanna bother you.. And now-" His voice breaks and he falls to the ground, crying. Now your eyes are getting teary. You sit down next to him and stroke his back, trying to comfort him but at the same moment you're trying to think what to do now.. "Louis?" You say weakly. "Y/N..." He answers but doesn't look at you because he already knows that you're going to ask him leave. "I love you Louis" You whisper and start to cry. He slowly lifts his head up and looks you in the eyes. Then he stands up and gives you his hand, you take it and he helps you to stand up too. Within one second he kisses you and the tears starts streaming down to your faces. After a long kiss he hugs you tight. "I love you too Y/N, I have always loved. Please be mine again, I can't live without you anymore.." You kiss him as a 'yes' and then you go inside. You spend the night together in eachothers arms, only silence is talking<3

Feedback please x <3 That song (A-part & chorus) Louis was singing is one of songs written by ME (@_imagining1D/@jennal0l), so if you liked it I would love to know too. There might be something spelled wrong, English isn't my main language xx (:

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