Niall Imagine

#Imagine "What the fuck I'm going to do?" You say while watching a POSITIVE pregnancy test. No. This can't be happening, you just can't be pregnant. Luckily Niall, your boyfriend for 6 months, has been out with the rest of One Direction and their girlfriends for a couple of hours now. They asked you to join them but you didn't go because you were feeling sick. Of course Niall wanted to stay home with you, but you didn't want him to miss some great party again. You start to feel a bit better because you know why you were feeling so sick and leave the bathroom. You walk to the living room and sit down. "How I'm going to tell him" "What if that test lied.. What if I'm not pregnant? No.. It can't lie, but what if..." "How long I've been pregnant?" ... Your head is full of questions with no answers. You try not to think about how to tell to Niall or anything else about the not-so-sure fact that you're pregnant. You start to watch CSI. While sitting there your phone beeps as you get a text: "Baby I hope everything's okay, I'll be home at midnight, don't want you to be alone longer. Love you xx". That's from Niall. Suddenly you start to feel sick again. You run to the bathroom and throw up. "Yup, I'm pretty sure that this is what this is" You sigh and go lying to your bed.

It's 30 minutes over midnight and Niall comes home. "I'm so, so, so sorry babe it took me a bit longer!" He shouts and you wake up. Somehow you fell asleep while lying there. You murmur something with a sleepy voice before noticing he's already right next to you. "I'm sorry I woke you up" He says softly and wraps his arms around you. You turn around so you can see the perfection; His blonde hair, blue eyes, soft cheeks, delicious lips, everything. "I missed you" You whisper and put your head on his chest. He kisses your head which tells you he missed you too. "You're feeling better than earlier?" He asks with his soft voice. "Mmmm.." You answer while trying not to fall asleep before he does. You're keeping yourself awake by thinking how you're going to tell him, and when. You're a bit worried about the next morning.
What am I going to say if I start to feel sick again and then my head explodes and we start to fight? If he doesn't know I'm pregnant eventually he drives me to hospital because of throwing up every single morning. I need to tell him as soon as possible before something happens between us because I'm not so sure about my emotions anymore. No, of course I'm sure that I love him, stupid me, but the other emotions. For example: I always explode when it's "the time of the month" so what happens when I'm pregnant!? I don't know. And what if he doesn't even want a child? What if he leaves us all alone? What if he gets angry? What if..........
Now you don't even want to sleep.. Niall notices that you're not alright. "Babe, what's wrong?" He asks and looks directly at you. You pretend that you didn't hear his question so you just lay there with your eyes closed. Niall starts to sing Moments and you slowly fall asleep. Niall finish the song and wishes you Goodnight and kisses your head.

It's 12pm when you wake up. Niall's downstairs making breakfast and singing very loudly. You actually forgot that you're pregnant, so you get up very fast without thinking and there it comes. You start to feel really sick & run to bathroom. You lock the door and after a while you throw up. Niall hears it so he comes behind the bathroom door. "Y/N, are you ok? Let me in" He says but you don't answer. You're scared about this situation. Now you can't even think that you are not pregnant because obviously you are. You start to cry and helplessly sit on the floor. "Y/N please! Speak to me, or at least open this goddamn door!" Niall shouts. You get up weakly and finally open the door, still crying. You throw yourself in his arms and he carries you back to your bed. You lay there for hours without saying a word. His arms are tightly around you. Then Niall breaks the silence: "So... Do you wanna talk?" You don't say anything. You don't know why but you get a bit angry and he sees it. "I quess you don't.." He continues after 1 minute's silence. "Oh fuck..." You think before the anger comes out. You get up quickly and run downstairs. Of course Niall runs after you. "Seriously Y/N! What's wrong with you?" He shouts. He's getting angry too. You start searching your bag without answering him. He grabs your hand but you just run to next room. "Stop! Y/N! You're like a different person" Niall shouts. He's very confused. "What's happening to me? What is this?" You think and you are just as confused as Niall is. "I'm.. I just need to leave for a while!" You shout and then try to calm yourself down. "Okay then.." Niall goes to your living room. He's in tears. He doesn't know what's happening. You need to tell him, now. He hears that you stopped packing your bag which you found a couple of minutes ago. "Niall..." You whisper and sit next to him. Niall swallows his tears and says: "Yeah, babe?" "Do you still wanna talk? And btw, I'm not leaving" You tell. His eyes gets brighter but he doesn't smile. "Yeah, sure, whatever" He says to you and as you carefully lean against his chest. Suddenly he wraps his arms around you. "So.. Remember yesterday when I felt sick and didn't want to come out with you..?" You ask after thinking how to start. "Yup, and I wanted to stay here but you told me to just go with the others." Niall answers. You don't know how to continue so you decide just to say it. You turn around and now you see his face. You take his hands and sigh. "Niall. I'm pregnant." He stares at you with his mouth open and you're about to cry again. "I hope you're not mad and not leaving me-" before you have time to finish the sentence he kisses you passionately. After a long kiss he hugs you. "Niall I'm so scared.." You say while he's rubbing your back. "Oh baby. I know, I'm scared too but also I'm so freaking happy! I can't believe I'm going to be dad! Y/N, we're going to get through this, we will be awesome parents. Trust me." Niall says with this little light in his eyes. "I trust you" You say and wipe your tears away. "I love you Y/N." He smiles. "I love you too Niall" <3

I'm sorry, this kinda sucks. But please tell me what you think xx btw, don't judge me if I spelled something wrong, I'm not perfect and English is not my main language (:

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